any change in the original version of a quotation must be placed in

How do you change quotations from its original text? A quotation in its definition is the original text; however, a paraphrase typically explains or clarifies the text that is being paraphrased. Edit. Share to:
If you're using MLA style, you'll need to indicate modifications to the source text by placing square brackets around any changes made. For example: Original quotation: "Reading is also a process and it also changes you." 1) Margaret Atwood wants her readers to realize that "[r]eading is also a process and it also changes
Without indicating the change, you can and should remove the final punctuation from a quotation if the final punctuation does not make sense within your sentence and if the punctuation conveys no meaning in the original. In general, commas and periods do not convey any meaning, so they usually can be removed from a
Long quotations (more than four lines) should be indented from both margins, single spaced, be one font size smaller than rest of the text and without ... 1.14.2 Whether any changes to original quotation are permitted As a matter of rule, there should be no changes in the spelling, grammar, capitalization and internal
However you handle a quote, the final period always follows the citation (as above); when there is no citation, the final punctuation comes before the ending .... "What does not seem" becomes "whatever strikes him as not," and when, considers, and he add a twist not in the original version but without changing the meaning.
Neither the third-person pronoun nor that is ever enclosed in quotation marks or square brackets: Original. I want to consider one sort of semantic change, the kind ... (g) In-text notes, that is, author and page number references following a run-in quotation and enclosed in parentheses, should be placed between the closing
Anything which is not part of those exact words must be placed outside the quotes, even if, as in the last example, this means using two sets of quotes because the quotation has been interrupted. ... A sentence containing a quotation is punctuated exactly like any other sentence apart from the addition of the quotation marks.
One short sleep past, we wake eternally And death shall be no more; Death, thou shall die. (1-2, 13-14) 4. Square brackets indicate that the writer has altered or added to quoted material. Square brackets indicate exactly what changes have been made. On the other hand, occasionally a writer will retain the exact original
of text as necessary. When using a quotation of 40 or more words, you must use a special format: • Block indent the quote. • Do not use quotation marks. ... insert a quote in the middle of a sentence, but the quote starts at the beginning of the sentence (with a capital letter), you may change it without indicating this change.
It is useful sometimes to use the original words of the author when those exact words ... At the end of a long quote, the full stop goes BEFORE the in-text reference. ... Rule 3: Direct quotations must be copied word for word from the source, but you can make some modifications if you follow these rules: Making a change.

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